TCU Recap: Welcome to Hell, Who Gives a Shit

I didn’t watch any of this game, and I didn’t need to, and I don’t intend to talk about the 21 yards of total offense, or the zero points, or the two straight shutouts, or… whatever. It’s a bad time to be a KU Football fan.

The prior sentence has been repeated over and over again not only by myself but by every other KU Football fan that I know. It’s a bad time right now. It’s been a bad time since 2009, really. Apparently this was the worst game in conference history for an offense, and I’m not even that surprised. I only got to see one play of this game before I had to leave, and I actually did not have to watch any more plays because this game went exactly as I expected from the jump. KU football did not disappoint me or surprise me this weekend.

achewood shirts
I’m always reminded of this Achewood strip when I write these. I knew what was going to happen all along and yet, I keep coming back.

Now I went a walkin’ downtown on Saturday, and I think I gleaned more from that experience than I did from the few fleeting moments of KU football I picked up. Just from an eye-test walking around the 900 and 800 block of Mass street, I counted one (1) person wearing any KU Football related apparel. I think it was one of those Colosseum off-brand jerseys, y’know the ones. There wasn’t a ton of crimson and blue, period, none of the bars or restaurants that I passed advertised that they’d be showing the game later, nothing like “Beat TCU!” on a window or anything.

Meanwhile, I was at a pharmacy on Sunday, and they played the call for the exhibition basketball game against Missouri over the store’s speakers.

This town, this university, and this fanbase, for a very large part, does not care about football. There is no sadness on campus today, I didn’t speak with anyone about the game when I was on campus, and I don’t know anyone personally who watched more than the first two quarters of that game. I put an anecdote in my post following the Ohio game that speaks to this mindset. There’s a little dejection in the fanbase, but every Saturday, we get the same result – “Oh, they’re getting their asses kicked again.”

Kansas Athletics’ Facebook page hasn’t posted about KU football in nearly two weeks, and that was about an opportunity to eat lunch with Nolan Cromwell. Now, I’m constantly thinking about Nolan Cromwell, particularly his verse on Ram It, but the PR silence surrounding this season’s football team speaks to the level of embarrassment this program has brought to the school. We’d rather not talk about it, and for the most part, we don’t.

The Reddit CFB thread was mostly TCU fans, morbidly curious fans from other teams, and a few smatterings of sad KU fans. How many ways can we say that we’re sad that the program’s at this level, though? Once is probably enough, and otherwise you accept it – once again: “Oh, they’re getting their asses kicked again”.

And it’s not like I’m going to stop going, this whole thing’s probably subsidized, I can’t imagine KU is losing so much money on people not showing up at the gates. Besides, Oklahoma and K-State fans are going to fill Memorial Stadium out better than the rightfully dejected KU fanbase will in the coming weeks. K-State is going to win this weekend, their tenth win in a row in the series, which will put them at streak only one year shorter than they had between 1993 and 2003.

…does anyone care? Should I expect to see a lot of dejected KU fans in the stands? I had to ask my mom to leave the 2010 game against K-State with me because the beating was so bad at halftime (I was fifteen and I had the same anxiety disorder I’ve always had, I couldn’t handle it back then, I guess). But now? I mean, I don’t think I would show up this weekend if I didn’t have something else to pay attention to all game.

Basketball’s already started, so most of the fanbase can just cling to basketball anyway. I should probably cling to basketball at this point, either that or pivot to reading literature or baking or writing erotica or something. Like… whatever, at this point. Welcome to Hell, Who Gives a Shit.

Look, next week, you’re just getting an in-depth review of Sonic CD. The photo used as the featured image came from TCU Athletics.

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