Week 5 Recap: Four Hours, Two Minutes, and Whatever Happened in Between

This Saturday’s game kicked off at 11 AM. This Saturday’s second half kicked off at 1:40 PM, almost three hours later. The game wasn’t over until after 2:00 PM. This game lasted for four hours, Texas Tech won by 46 points. This game was never in any sort of balance, this game was over before it started.

This was pure domination, the type of convenient domination where you can leave at half – you can leave at the end of the first quarter – and nobody will blame you.

A loss like this isn’t surprising. Getting disappointed at KU games at this point is like going to a live taping of Wipeout and getting disappointed when someone hits their face on a huge red ball and falls into the filthy water. To watch KU football is to understand lowliness, and the low is what we come here for, I guess.

The only two interesting things about this game were these:

  1. The futility of video replay. I counted at least five video reviews in the first quarter alone, which is the most pointlessly pedantic anyone has ever been. KU had a touchdown wiped off of the board and two first down conversions taken away, but they also had a touchdown catch confirmed thanks to video replay. Kansas was rightfully given seven points thanks to video review, which is the difference between a 46 point blowout and a 53 point blowout. All the replay officials did was add another fifteen minutes to an already decided game.
  2. I don’t think Texas Tech ran the score up. Texas Tech’s whole thing since like 1999 is passing, passing, passing every down, names like Crabtree, Welker, and Mahomes came from Texas Tech, they’re hardly the team to… I don’t know, drop 313 total rushing yards and five rushing touchdowns on you. They put backups in. The Red Raiders were trying to run the clock out in the fourth quarter, they just couldn’t stop scoring. The KU defense ran the score up on itself.

patgfrs - Imgur.gif

And even if Tech was running the score up, who cares? Nobody in crimson and blue was in the stadium to watch it happen anyway other than a few scattered students and the band.

This game meant nothing. The stadium was practically bare sans the Tech fans at the end of the game, and it may as well have been during the third quarter, too


If you went down to Mass Street or walked down Jayhawk Boulevard, the atmosphere was the same as last week’s bye week Saturday, no more melancholy or morose than if nothing had happened at all. KU football losing a game has no effect. When this team wins, it’s nice, but when this team loses, it doesn’t mean a thing to the majority of people and students in town, and that’s not going to change until the team stops turning in performances like this. Even during losses last year – TCU and Iowa State in particular – more fans stayed for more of the game because it was at least competitive. When you drop a game like this, where nothing went well at all, in front of a home crowd, don’t be surprised when the next home game doesn’t make a blip on the radar. (and the next home game is K-State, so… Well… Be prepared, is all I’m saying)


Susie, who let me have her Sun Chips

I don’t know why I took a picture of my lunch but this is what it looks like

Hell yeah, double-chips, baybee!! Steven Sims had 100+ yards receiving again, Mike Lee had another interception, and Khalil Herbert averaged 6.5 yards per carry, but nothing beats the kindness of another person.



Just Like the Whole Coaching Staff

Man, I don’t even want to write about this. Just look at the box score and understand that everybody gave up in the first quarter. Quarters two thru four were just garbage time. The coaching staff had two weeks to prep for this and looked just as lost as they possibly could.

This was probably the first time that I can remember, under the Beaty tenure, that it looked like the team was so unprepared for a game. In 2015, they were out-talented every game, and there’s not a lot that they could do about it. It was a miracle that KU competed in the few games that they did in 2015. In 2016, there wasn’t a home game that wasn’t at least somewhat competitive, even the blowouts had shades of good football from the Jayhawks. They even showed signs of competitiveness in the bad losses so far this year.

If lethargic, uncompetitive home games like this are all we have to look forward to, then this should be David Beaty’s last season at KU. He’s a good rah-rah guy, and he’s brought a solid foundation of players after the mess that Weis left, and the next guy, if he’s good, should be able to do something with those players. But it’s starting to look like he’s lost the team. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

I don’t think that matters, though. Beaty’s going to ride that Texas win until the end of next season, even if his teams are turning in Weisian performances like this one. Maybe that will be good. These teams are still young and Beaty is still inexperienced. Even if he’s out by the end of next year, he’s put a decent foundation of talent into the team and they seem to be pretty disciplined as well. There’s just not a lot to look forward to this year, contrary to what I thought at the beginning of the year.

Oh Good and we get Iowa State next week


Iowa State hired Matt Campbell in 2016 and they’re already in a far better place than KU is. They beat Oklahoma last week. KU hasn’t beaten Oklahoma since 1997. Iowa State is good, the Cyclone fans will fill up Trice next weekend, and they’re going to have an easy cruise against the Jayhawks. I’ll be there, though.

This is just it, I guess


Two years ago, after KU only lost to Texas Tech by ten points, my roommate and I bumped Kanye West and T-Pain’s “The Good Life” in my 2003 Buick Le Sabre. I felt genuinely happy after that game, after so many 40 point blowouts, a ten point loss was gladly welcomed.

Now here we sit after another 40 point blowout, this time against that same Texas Tech team. Why did they improve and why did KU get worse? Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

We’re almost halfway into the season now, and all of those preseason predictions of 3-9 and 4-8 feel so, so far away. Those were only like a month and a half ago. I said this game would be a KU victory if the quarterback play was consistent and the defense hadn’t regressed. Here we sit, and Peyton Bender’s play is inconsistent, the defense has regressed, and Texas Tech won by 46 points.

I miss that optimism, but it is gone now. If I was disappointed after Central Michigan, I was burnt out after Ohio, and I was confused after West Virginia, then I’m just sorta sitting here after Texas Tech, and I’ll be just sorta sitting here for the rest of the season. Resignation is an emotion, at least. Part of me also feels this guy dropping the double-deuce.

Hopefulness is tantamount to hopelessness. It’s only been frustrating because I thought there was some promise back in August, but there’s not, I guess. So whatever. I’ll see you Saturday.

I dropped two Los Camp refs in here this week after getting CRITICIZED for it last week. The one GIF I put in the article came from the Big XII Digital Network on YouTube. Even after a bad game like this, I’m still glad that I got to be there with so many of my friends and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it anywhere else.

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